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It is produced and hosted as another way of expressing gratitude to those who have helped Company Seven prosper. With some of this content dating back to the times when slow dial-up Internet access was the norm, the article was originally text heavy because illustrations were by necessity kept simple and to a minimum. Over the decades we have, and will continue to, on occasion add this or that mention of or illustration of items in our archives and museum collection, this to break up the monotony of text, make corrections with much gratitude to Dr. It was never our intent to write one comprehensive and all-encompassing history of Zeiss, that would require volumes to do it justice, but rather to explain why we at Company Seven remain grateful for and in awe of the achievements by Zeiss. The Founders And The Zeiss Company Foundations: From its inception through to the middle 19th century, lens making was a craft that was essentially passed on from generation to generation. Innovations had typically resulted from trial and error experimentation; this was a costly and time consuming process that could not factor in all of the possible variables in lens making materials and design.

File:Hasselblad 500c-m 50mm F4 CFi Carl Zeiss

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Few original Zeiss anastigmats seem to actually carry this T.N. as a result of the date, which was after some had ceased production, but Protar is still a correct.

And Zeiss had beaten it by more than a full stop! This was an era when lens speed was critical. Film was slow, and high speed lenses allowed you to take pictures in lighting circumstance that slower lenses were not going to capture. It’s interesting that although they took an early lead, this was to be the fastest lens they ever built. It was also a lens with good performance, you really didn’t sacrifice anything except some hard earned cash with this lens over one of it’s slower brothers.

This version dates to

Carl Zeiss lens numbers

How to date Carl Zeiss binoculars Both Ross and Wray 8×42 from these new models and saw sales and profits rise. There was clearly a demand for cheaper glasses. In the s and early s this demand was met by French number and by MOD surplus binoculars.

Vintage Carl Zeiss Jena 25cm mm f/ Tessar Large Format Barrel Lens – antique lens Carl Zeiss Jena, Tele Tessar 1: 6,3 f= 25cm / mm, date

In this grouping, second from the left in the front row is one of the few surviving examples of the Triplet Achromat aka Triplet Apochromat , the very first optical design patented in by Dr. Paul Rudolph and Dr. Ernst Abbe for Zeiss, predating Rudolph’s anastigmat Protar patent by several months. Here is a number of Carl Zeiss designated Versuch experimental lenses from to , possibly the first time in over 60 years that so many original “V-lenses” have been assembled in one place at the same time.

Several Versuch and other prototype lenses from the Goerz lens collection, which Carl Zeiss eventually absorbed, including Dagor and Celor variants, and a very unusual Quarz Anastigmat for ultra-violet light. Here are two influential wide-angle designs from the Zeiss collection. On the left is a legendary Carl Zeiss Sphaerogon 1. This represents just a portion of the more than pages of documentation I needed to read through while researching the beginnings of Carl Zeiss Jena photographic lens production!

An impressive Carl Zeiss Versuch or experimental prototype lens, dating from , representing an 8. Two original Decmeber prototype production Weitwinkel wide-angle variants, fully finished in polished brass barrels, of Dr. Paul Rudolph’s landmark anastigmat design, in mm and mm focal lengths, with wheel stops. The following year, the initial catalog versions of this lens were decidedly lighter and more compact.

Comparing and matching the many unique experimental optics in the collection that lack any proper identifying mark other than occasional lead or grease pencil data, small optical diagrams, and engineering shorthand with actual references within the Zeiss documentation presented a daunting and time-consuming task. However, patience and tenacity were rewarded.

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Contax began as a camera model in the Zeiss Ikon line in , and later became a brand The rights to the brand are currently part of Carl Zeiss AG, but no Contax cameras are currently in production, and the brand is considered dormant. made, about 10 lenses known to date, to be used with prewar Panflex).

Carl Zeiss of Germany is among the most renowned of the lens manufacturers. It’s part of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, which also owned the Zeiss Ikon camera maker from its foundation in until it disappeared in In its long history it equipped many camera makers. The company was founded in Jena in and called Carl Zeiss Jena. It produced microscopes and the refractometer, an optical instrument to measure the index of refraction of optical glass , developed by Carl Zeiss’ partner Ernst Abbe.

After Carl Zeiss’ death in , Abbe founded the Zeiss Foundation and built up its photographic optics branch and reduced daily working time of the company’s employees to 8 hours. Koritska Milano , E. Krauss Paris , E. That way Zeiss avoided too fast growth of its own production facilities. In Zeiss bought the camera maker Palmos A.

In the camera making daughter company was merged into the ICA group which later became part of Zeiss Ikon.

Dating carl zeiss jena binoculars

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How to date Zeiss lenses? Zeiss serial numbers do not contain coded information about when a lens was made. Serial numbers therefor can only be used to date.

Hello to the community, as a youngster to this very special forum, I am coming up with a marginal problem. When was this one produced? As far as I understand, Carl Zeiss Jena introduced lens coating T some time in , but not covering the whole production, and after the coating process was declared “eyes only” and attached to military purposes, mainly with the German marines, so that very few if any coated lenses reached the wartime civilian market.

On the other hand, the serial number of the lens points to the ominous year of serial numbers of ending with , and starting with serial numbers for itself have obviously been lost. So, is this one wartime or post-war? Material is brass, not aluminium. It’s not of REAL impotance to me, but it’s to do a bit with family history. Hey you people in the U. Anybody thought of what might have been photographed with these vintage cameras? Apart from that: Any ideas on the lens?

I’m pretty certain this is post-war. It is a very nice lens with a very good design, and it looks like it’s in good shape. I have a russian copy, and it’s a darn good and sharp lens

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We are new technology and helpful hints relating to their cinema lenses and accessories’ started by carl zeiss batis. There’s no. Dating of manufacture and.

Design variations. Most Zeiss lenses other than the mm mirror lens had the same design style, so when changes of styling were introduced, they were phased in to all other Zeiss lenses except the mirror lens. When buying any camera with inter-changeable lenses, bear in mind that the lens may not be the one that was on the camera when it was new.

This Praktisix II was manufactured between and , but the Tessar lens shown here was last produced in the Praktisix mount in February It would have been fitted to the original version of the Praktisix. The makers of the Praktisix decided that the camera would sell better if it had the option of a more prestigious standard lens than the four-element Tessar, although we should not forget that at the time the first Hasselblads were also being supplied in many markets with a Tessar lens.

However, the Meyer-Optik Primotar continued to be offered as an economical alternative for a number of years. The first 80mm Biometars for the Praktisix had the same cosmetic style as the Tessar illustrated above — mostly alloy, with a black leather focussing band. However, some of the lenses later in the same production run! The lens illustrated on the right here was part of that first production run.

It rather looks as though the manufacturers used up their stocks of leather bands before starting to use the plastic rings with the bumps — or perhaps the plastic rings were a component that was not ready at the beginning of the production run, a situation that regularly occurred in the post-war years in East Germany. Pentacon Six brochures produced in and show lenses with this finish.

One brochure also shows lenses with this finish, but the lenses must have been taken from earlier production runs, as the mostly-black lens style with a leather band on the focussing ring had entered production in — see the next section. With rough handling it could easily crack or work loose, so a return was made to a leather band.

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Leitz had just released their speed lens, the 50/ Hektor the year before. And Zeiss had This version dates to Serial numbers Zeiss Ikon had won the rights to the prewar trademarks, and the lenses were now marked Carl Zeiss.

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Carl Zeiss Jena

Zeiss gathered a group of gifted practical and theoretical opticians and glass makers to reshape most aspects of optical instrument production. His collaboration with Ernst Abbe revolutionized optical theory and practical design of microscopes. Their quest to extend these advances brought Otto Schott into the enterprises to revolutionize optical glass manufacture. The firm of Carl Zeiss grew to one of the largest and most respected optical firms in the world.

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The Hasselblad series began with the revolutionary C, one of the most iconic cameras in photographic history. Modified throughout the years, the series cameras represent the pinnacle of Victor Hasselblad’s V System. With multiple prototypes in the works in , the final Hasselblad C was launched in Replacing the previous design of a focal plane shutter from the F, the C utilized a leaf shutter design with its range of high-quality Carl Zeiss lenses.

Its leaf shutter design allowed for flash synchronization at all shutter speeds with the use of electronic flash. It could also focus at full aperture thanks to an automatic aperture stop-down.

Carl Zeiss serial numbers

This article required a lot of preliminary job for researches as well as acquisition of unusual pieces, in some cases expensive, and I want to consider it a sort of Christmas gift dedicated to my many friends and enthusiasts of this topic. The first set of objectives rightly honors the Tessar type project. At the same time the famous Burgess Shales were discovered in British Columbia, with their exceptional Cambrian fauna preserved so well that, for the first time, we studied the soft parts of the trilobites, a distant event which now belongs to the history of paleontology.

Marco in Venice, after the collapse of , was inaugurated with great pomp: in fact, this Tessar came out of Jena works in April-May of , just years ago. The lens proposed here with the main statements of his patent, registered in April , is small in size and was originally fitted to a mahogany wood plate; the barrel is made of burnished brass and, as usual, the stopping-down references for the iris actually indicate the diaphragm hole in millimeters; notice how the data in the front ring are manually carved, removing the black lacquer and displaying the bare brass.

The lens features a pleasant vintage appearance, showing all its years; on the side of the barrel can be seen the

1 The optics Some trademarks used by Carl Zeiss See also Cameras with a Carl Zeiss of Germany is among the most renowned of the lens manufacturers. Super Tele, see Zeiss and Engadget; ↑ This date is given as by.

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Note that there was a thriving business making Zeiss 7×50 replicas, but nobody built fake Zeiss 8x30s, to my knowledge. It is not possible to test them all. Small signs of use are normal. Optics has no scratches. We always try dispatch your item as soon as it possible. Im so sorry for all honest people living there.

200 Years Carl Zeiss (1816 – 1888) – A Visionary Entrepreneur