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One of my favorite pastimes is beachcombing, specifically searching for sea glass. Over the years, I have accumulated quite a bit! One rainy day, I figured what else to do but spread out all of my sea glass and see what I had? First, I separated by color, then shades of each color. With my handy-dandy identification cards, I found that some of my pieces were quite rare. The following is all of my treasure to date accompanied with fun facts! Most green pieces that you will find today are from recent soda and beer bottles. In late s, clear glass was widely produced for bottles; but their color often reverted back to a soft lavender when exposed to sunlight. A large amount of clear glass was used for medicine bottles during the Civil War era.

Sea Glass of Maine

Although color is one of the more obvious and relatively easy to describe attributes of a historic bottle, it is unfortunately of limited utility in classifying a bottle as to age or type. Although classification by colour is simple to do, the end result is of little value for the following reasons: colour does not have a direct relation with glass type the common green, amber, and brown glass colours can occur in soda, potash, and lime glasses; many lead glasses are coloured ; colour is not related to the technology of glass object production i.

Given these factors there is little justification for using colour as a means of classification.

Milk glass production was also reputedly hard on the longevity of glass melting tanks and pots so was avoided by some glass factories. Diagnostic/Dating Utility:​.

Sea glass tends to be more smoothly worn, more rounded and pebble-like, with less markings still legible on individual pieces. Less common are various shades of aqua light blue-green , which was the typical color of a good percentage of common bottles and jars made, in general, before the s. Along Pacific Coast beaches, some aqua sea glass could theoretically result from broken glass fishing net floats.

It is often difficult to ascertain what any particular piece of sea glass came from, which adds to the mystery and fun of collecting. In general, older bottles were made of heavier and thicker glass than present-day bottles. This is especially true of old soda and beer bottles. The presence of many bubbles is usually but not always! There are a multitude of minor color shades that are difficult to define.

Although virtually any type of glass object might eventually wind up as a piece of sea glass or beach glass, a large percentage of this glass originates from containers thrown away in the trash. Sometimes bottles are smashed into pieces by mischievous children and adults playing along sea shores, and then the pieces are further weathered by wave action.

Some unknown percentage of sea glass originates from bottles thrown overboard from ships and boats, although I believe that is actually a rather small percentage, and in fact the majority of bottles cast up onto beaches either ocean, estuary, sea or river beaches come from trash washed from inland sources. Any bottle that has floated for long distances would have had the lid intact and tightly closed, otherwise it would have filled with water and sunk.

Sometimes collections are displayed in clear glass jars, bottles, fishbowls, brandy snifters or vases, with the glass grouped by single colors, or with a number of different colors mixed together.

Aqua Sea Glass

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An original piece of driftwood, sea glass and sea pottery art by Secret Shores. A lasting and creative gift or piece of art. This piece celebrates Marriage!

One of the enduring attractions of sea glass is our fascination with sea glass colors. A casual walk on the beach can quickly turn into a most memorable day if you happen to spot a piece of ultra rare red sea glass. The study of sea glass colors and their status on the sea glass rarity scale is a frequent topic in sea glass collecting circles and the competition is fierce among friends to find the nicest, most rare sea glass gems. Of course, there is a rather straightforward explanation for why some sea glass colors are more valued than others.

Sea glass rarity and value are tied to the simple rule of supply and demand. The more rare the glass color, the greater the likelihood that there was a very limited supply of that color. And conversely, the more plentiful the supply, the less status the color has on the sea glass rarity chart. Other characteristics such as size, shape, condition and age also contribute to sea glass rarity and assigning rareness and value to those pieces would be on a case by case basis.

All About Black, Gray and Clear Sea Glass

Post your sea glass shard or other beach finds here for identification. Identification is very difficult or impossible without a photo. We’ve found that questions about identifying sea glass and other beachcombing treasures that don’t have a photo rarely get answers. For that reason: You must submit a photo of your sea glass shard or beach find for your question to be accepted.

To upload a photo, it should be less than pixels wide. Click here for easy instructions on resizing your photo.

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When you think about sea glass, visions of glowing soft aqua, seafoam and greens… scattered with a few blushing pinks and soft lavender purples may spring to mind. These tropical sunrise colors are sea glass classics, but the sea also shapes subtle tones from clear through every shade of gray, to almost pure black. These colors are sometimes overlooked by the newbie sea glass hunter because they love to blend into the beach stones they are often found between.

But, in the sparkling sunlight, clear sea glass glows with the colors surrounding it — reflecting the blue of sky and sea. Light gray reveals its inner-glow to the sun as well, but those almost blacks… they often remain hidden. But once discovered, they become some of the favorites of any collection.

Sea Glass Colors

We have been coming to the Bahamas on our boat since While here, we rarely miss a day of sea glassing. During the past few years we have seen a diminishing amount of sea glass treasures. This year we have been totally surprised and amazed by the pieces that are again washing up on the shore.

To the origins, including both pottery and dating vintage coke bottles. Beware: sea glass bottles, food, opening times, vases, and is also a wide selection of.

These items are not as ubiquitous as soda and beer bottles. The color pie chart below shows the main colors of sea glass. The larger the slice, the better odds of finding that particular color. White is a common sea glass color. Most pieces come from soda bottles, especially as the mass production of drinking bottles increased through the 20th century. In the water, white sea glass looks translucent, but when an older well-worn piece dries, it becomes virtually opaque with a frosty layer.

Brown is another common sea glass color. Most brown sea glass comes from beer, whiskey, medicine and snuff bottles.

Building a Sea Glass Collection

Couldnt believe it was in plain site. It is brown and relatively thick. The symbol on it is pumpkin shaped with a spike glass out black the top and bottom.

It’s kind of neat to think when you find a piece of this color, you can date it! Lavender glass is abundant in some areas and nonexistent in others. True purple glass.

An archive of sea glass photos and comments submitted by readers for the Photo of the Week section. Have a sea glass photo you would like to submit? Click Photo Submission Info for submission details. Idaho was where we were prior to moving down three years ago. I started walking our local beach with my dog at first, then a friend of mine told me about picking up sand dollars.

She then started picking up sea glass, so I would help her. One day I wanted to pick up a couple larger pieces to make her a gift, and give special people gifts as well. I didn’t realize how different each specimen would become and how unique each find would be until I found this. Although I’m a novice sea glass hunter now I’m hooked! My husband would enjoy being by my side bending over digging through the sand and running from waves, all for sea glass.

He enjoyed it! We’re fascinated over knowing each piece has a history. Journal: Hi Kalani and thanks for sharing your wonderful find! It appears you found a piece of maritime history with this teal colored segment of a fresnel lens.


Virtual Beachcombing Festival. Aqua colored glass, shortened from the full “aquamarine” and named for the gemstone color, is one of the most popular of the sea glass colors. Some aqua glass will be the natural result of iron impurities found in most sands. But it also may have been intentionally colored by the addition of copper. The true, rich copper-colored aqua glass is actually less common than cobalt blue glass. Often in the bottle collecting world, aqua refers to the pale blue-ish green tint of glass, the “natural-made” iron in the sand glass.

Dwayne & Mandi – West Cape, PEI, Canada: My husband and I both enjoy escaping to the beach, for date night walks, that always include sea glass hunting​!!

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Sea Glass Color Rarity Guide

We were recently honored to have the Coca Cola bottling company reach out to us for sea glass id help. They were wanting to feature our sea glass photos as they were celebrating the th anniversary of the famous Coca Cola bottle, which prompted this article. Seafoam green sea glass; it often originates from vintage soda bottles. Many pieces can date back to the late ‘s. That is when the Coca-Cola bottling company began manufacturing their famous, distinguishable light green bottle.

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Sea glass-green in white-pearl shimmer.

Dating old pepsi bottles

Just where do the colors of beach glass come from? It takes decades for broken glass to “become” sea glass. Rarer colors of seaglass are pieces that the color has not been made or used commercially for many years.

White is a common sea glass color. Many shards, says Richard LaMotte author of Pure Sea Glass: Nature’s Vanishing Gems, can be dated back to late s.

Or you are a long-time collector and want to expand your collection into sea glass genres not available on local beaches. Well, there are a number of ways to do this. You have all taken the most fundamental lesson of beachcombing to heart: to share as freely and abundantly with others as the beach does with you. This gives you access to a wide supply of sea glass, some of which can be rare, exotic, very challenging to find, or all three!

But purchasing sea glass can be laden with problems. It can be an expensive proposition. Much of what is currently for sale is of negligible quality, which calls into question two things: provenance and authenticity. Instead, they purchase it from other beachcombers, or from other sea glass vendors who re-sell stock they may have previously purchased from someone else.

I rarely purchase sea glass from a re-seller because who knows who they got it from and where, in turn, their seller got it from, and so on. Which leads us to the second issue: authenticity.

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